Be prepared for a Púca intervention this Halloween with our Púca masks.

Pick your tribe carefully, you never know who may show up!

Learn to make:

  • Boann
  • Fionn mac Cumháill
  • The Morrigan
  • Púca

Check out our handy mask making guide for details with difficulty levels ranging from 1 – 3.

Pick your character from the mischievous Púca to the legendary hunter Fionn Mac Cumhaill. There is a mask for every mood!


Boann is the Goddess of water, fertility, inspiration and knowledge and the creator of the River Boyne. At the forbidden well of knowledge, Boann caused the river Boyne to spring forth from its sacred waters by walking counter-clockwise (widdershins) around the stones and lifting its covering stone. This made the water gush out of the earth with great force and rush down all the way to the sea. Boann’s name is linked to old Gaelic words bo fnd meaning “woman of white cows” or “shining cow.

Become the Boann bringing the light to Samhain by making our celebratory

Fionn Mac Cumhaill

Fionn Mac Cumhaill was the legendary Irish warrior-hunter who led the band of Irish warriors known as the Fianna. He gained his fame by defeating the goblin of the otherworld Aillén who would appear every Samhain to burn the great halls of Tara to the ground. Playing his harp to lull every human to sleep, nobody could get close to kill the fire breathing Aillén. That is until our hero Fionn Mac Cumhaill ate the Salmon of Knowledge and learned how he could defeat the beast.

Become the hero of Samhain by joining him as one of the masked Fianna.

The Morrigan

The Morrigan is the goddess of war, one of three – the triumvirate of death, destruction and passion. But it is she alone that can sway the tide of battle. She is the one that can pick a favourite, ride out and fight side by side upon her black steed to defeat her chosen one’s foe.

Join the Morrigan by creating your own Raven mask for the Pùca Festival.

The Púca

The Púca is a shapeshifter, a trickster, a mischievious spirit and the heart of the festival. She can take any form she chooses but usually is seen in the form of a horse, a dog, a goat or a hare. Beware dark hair and golden eyes! She changes her shape to whatever she can possibly want to. She can bring good fortune or ill to anyone she chooses and what she wants, maybe its a good idea to give a penny to the Pùca or to hide from her by making your own Pùca mask.

Find out how to make the mask of your choosing by downloading our Púca mask making guide now.

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